What Does Being a Member of the
Board of Directors, CCUSBC Involve?

Attendance at monthly board meetings.

Committee assignments that require periodic meetings. 

You will be expected to devote a significant amount of time to most, if not all of
        the tournaments sponsored by the Association.  We host a minimum of three
        tournaments a year and are also hosts of the Nevada State USBC Bowling
        Association tournaments when they are held in Carson City.  There are
        normally 3 to 4 squads per day, and depending on the number of bowlers
        participating, you may be expected to be present for two of them. 
        Tournaments are, with rare exception, held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Between April and June of each year, we perform lane certification inspections
on each of the 4 bowling centers under our jurisdiction.  You are expected to
        help in as many of them as is possible.  Most are done on weekends and
        normally start at 7:00am.  They take approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours to

You may be asked or tasked to do a special project by the Association 
        President.  If so, you may be required to present oral and/or written status
        reports to the Board of Directors.

If the above duties appear to be a bit on the daunting side, you may want to
        hold off applying for the job.  However, if you believe that you can fulfill the
        duties outlined above, please do not hesitate to submit an application.

We need you to help us move the Carson Country USBC Association forward.

Please remember, that even if you do not feel comfortable with the above
        requirements, your assistance at any function would always be welcome. 

                                                      We need volunteers!
                    Please call the office at 841-2930 for additional information.