About the Carson Country USBC

The Carson Country USBC was created in May of 2006 when the Capital City WBA and the Carson Country BA were merged.  At the first meeting held May 26th, 2007, the new proposed merged bylaws were voted on and the new officers were elected.

The Purpose of the Carson Country USBC is as follows:

Providing equal opportunity for all in the sport of bowling without regard to race, religion, age,  gender, disability or national origin.
Promoting the game of American Tenpins.
Conducting and supporting bowling competition.
Engaging in any other activities permitted by an organization classified as tax exempt under Section 501 c (3) of the IRS.
The Carson Country USBC strives to give the best possible service and support to its members.  We encourage all members to attend the yearly open meeting held this year on April 30, 2011, and to participate in the tournaments and activities of the CCUSBC.  The CCUSBC supports two major charities in conjunction with the National USBC.  They are the BVL (Bowlers to Veterans Link) and the Bowl for the Cure supporting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  We encourage everyone to participate in our efforts to support these two worthwile organizations.